Child Light Ways Meditation

One of my other meditations is entitled "Healing your Past". It tries to help people heal the memories of different traumatic episodes that they have experienced throughout their lives. If untreated, these negative events can devastate their confidence, preventing them from reaching their true potential, and also have an adverse effect on any future relationships.

To try and nip such problems in the bud, the Child Light Ways meditation has been created for children to help them deal with any traumatic experiences as and when they happen. Whether they have suffered from playground bullying or something much worse, I believe that this meditation will help them deal with these situations in a positive and powerful way, helping them to feel emotionally, mentally and spiritually protected.

Listen to a short sample from Child Light Ways

Although this meditation was originally written for children, it can also be used by adults who feel the need to heal their inner child. This meditation has a spiritual theme based on a belief in an afterlife, but is not associated with any particular religious faith and Robbie believes it can safely be used by anyone, no matter their creed or culture.

Background music by Neil H.

Total running time: 55:15