Freedom Guided Meditation

The Freedom Guided meditation has been written for anybody who believes in an afterlife, but who in this life is permanently disabled, bed bound or terminally ill.

During the meditation you will be encouraged to exercise your mind by visualising yourself standing, walking, then running, swimming, climbing and eventually flying.

Listen to a short sample from Freedom

I had the idea for this meditation after being called to the hospital when my 91 year old Grandmother was dying. The nurses knew of my beliefs and asked what I felt was happening to the soul of my Grandmother during the transition from the physical to the spirit world.

I heard myself saying that because my Grandmother had been an old lady for so many years, her mind had become conditioned to the restrictions in movement of old age and ill health had imposed over time. Her mind-set in the spirit world would still be that of an old lady and it would take a period of time, healing, recuperation and re-education, for her mind to be re-programmed from telling her that her body was old, tired and restricted in movement.

So this Freedom meditation has been written to help the listener prepare for the time when they pass over. It is a sort of mental aerobics, re-educating the mind to prepare it for that time when the physical body dies, so the spirit will immediately be able to stand, walk, run, swim, climb and even fly to freedom