Higherself Healing Meditation

The Higherself Healing guided meditation has been created to help you access a healing energy from another source, your Higherself. I have come to believe that our Higherself acts like a gardener, with your life as the Garden and our conscious mind the lawnmower. From the mind’s perspective (the lawnmower) we seem to be taken through the brambles and stinging nettles, starlight over the rockery just missing the fish pond and ploughing through the newly planted vegetable patch.

Listen to a short sample from Higherself Healing

It is understandable that at times we might despair to know just what is going on. I believe that if we could see the garden (our life) from the perspective of the gardener (our Higherself) we would see a garden that is being perfectly prepared to yield the greatest spiritual growth.

I also believes that within our Higherself there is a creative energy that can be channeled down to help change the vibration of a sick physical body, to restore harmony and bring easement to pain and suffering.

Total running time: 41.56