By Robbie Wright

I was first registered as a Spiritual Healer back in the Nineteen Eighties and for the last seven years I have been producing Guided Meditation CDs.
If you were to ask the ordinary person in the street to describe their idea of someone who meditates, they would probably paint a picture of an Eastern Guru dressed in Orange robes, seated in a cross-legged position on a yoga mat. This would be the classic image of someone practising transcendental meditation. For those following this discipline, the idea is to focus on stilling every part of their being, bringing peace and unity to the mind, body and spirit.

Rather than stilling the mind, Guided Meditation takes the listener on a visualised journey. These are perfect for the many people who struggle to quiet their thoughts and whose minds are forever racing in different directions. A Guided Meditation gives such people something to think about. Listening to a combination of a gentle voice and some soft background music helps to distract their normally over-active mind and they can soon slip into a state of gentle relaxation. This type of meditation is also particularly beneficial to those people suffering from stress. Being guided on a visualised journey can be a welcome distraction and temporary escape from their everyday woes. These journeys can take the listener to far away magical lands, or for those more experienced, Guided Meditation can help them link to their Higher-self, their Spirit Guides and their Divine Creator. It is also a wonderful tool for developing any latent psychic abilities.

I have written and produced a wide range of relaxation CDs, with over twenty-five different titles available. When listening to my meditations, you will not be asked to place yourself into any difficult body positions; you can simply lie on your bed or if you wish you can sit in your most favourite comfy chair. I’ll start the meditation by asking you to close your eyes and take some gentle breaths, helping you to relax. From there, I then take you on your chosen Journey.

When I first started producing the Guided Meditations, I wanted to incorporate the healing, but how could I do this without channelling this energy through my hands? I could only use my voice. I need not have worried, I found that the moment I stepped in front of the microphone, something magical happened; my voice changed. It became richer, gentler and slightly deeper. The influence of a Spirit guide was obvious to all those that heard my recordings. To this day, I still cannot mimic my own recording voice. I believe that some long deceased person from an advanced level in the Spirit World has given their time to help me when I’m recording a meditation. I also believe that when I am in front of the microphone, the words that come out my mouth resonate on a healing vibration, having a beneficial effect on those that listen. This guide that works through me has never given his name, so until that day comes, my CDs will have to be known as Robbie’s Guided Meditations.