Introduction to Life’s Journey

My introduction to healing came in 1987 when I first entered a Spiritual Church. Since that time I have come to believe that my spiritual journey began long before I was ever born. I believe that when in the spirit realms I was actively preparing and involved in the planning of my new life here on earth.
The meditation Life’s Journey below is the second of two stories dealing with the topic of re-incarnation from my Higher Self Attunement Disc. It has been written to help you access long forgotten memories from when you were in the spirit world.

Life’s Journey – Free Guided Meditation by Robbie Wright
To get the most enjoyment and benefit from this meditation make sure that you will not be disturbed for the next 16 minutes. Get yourself a glass of water as this helps to ground you after the meditation is over, and if you have headphones put them on now. Once you are good and comfy we can begin.

Thanks Robbie, I really enjoyed that mediation. I could feel hands on my shoulders and around my head throughout. I felt really calm and peaceful and all my worries just floated away.
Many thanks.
Clare Griffiths

Robbie, I have just done your healing meditation and I’m feeling really relaxed and warm. I have done healing meditations before but I didn’t want it to stop. Just fantastic, so relaxed.
Thank you
Rosemary Chick

Excellent Healing Meditation, felt I was really floating and it helped me to heal myself as well. Lovely colours and all I can say is great
Claire Henderson