Before I recorded my first guided meditation, Sunflower, I had never even listened to one. Over two decades ago, in my early days as a fledgling healer I did sit in a development circle, but we were never taken on a guided meditation. Every circle that I attended had a similar pattern. It started with an opening prayer, which would be followed by fifteen minutes of silence where we could “Meditate” and receive any Spirit messages. Mrs Olive Hocking, our Teacher, would give each group member a message (from the spirit world) in turn, and then give each of us a chance to pass on any Psychic messages that we felt we had received.

I can remember one particular message that Mrs Hocking gave me and I have adhered to it ever since. She told me to “stop reading books”. I can understand now why she told me this. With six billion people on the planet, it is almost impossible to come up with an original idea. I could never be accused of stealing someone else’s ideas if I never read books.

It would be the same when writing a guided meditation, as I had never listened to one. I wrote my meditations in a way that I expected them to sound. The listener had to be made to relax. The listener had to feel safe during the meditation. They would have to be taken on a journey to a pre-chosen destination. They would be left there for a period of time and then they would be brought safely home.

During my meditations, I like to open and close the chakras. I normally ask the listener to visualize each closed chakra to look like a little budded flower. As the chakra opens up to the healing energy, the petals of the flower will gently un-fold forming a beautiful flower and you will then hear me say “And in the same way that the flower would draw in the energies of the Sun, the opened chakra will draw in the healing energies”. I find that talking through the opening of each individual chakra really helps the listener relax.

Once the chakras are opened the listener is ready to be taken on their journey. I ask them to imagine a beam of healing energy shining down from the heavens covering their body in a golden light. The listener’s spirit will be drawn up into this light and from there they will be free from their body and ready to fully enjoy their meditative experience. For anybody who would be slightly nervous, please let me reassure you that there will be a silver cord and it is connected to the spirit body from the physical body. When the time comes near the end of the meditation, this chord will guide you safely back to your body.

All of my meditations follow a similar way of helping the listener detach from their physical body, apart from one! – The Great Halls of learning, I believe that my spirit guides took over my body and voice while recording this meditation. The way that the listener is detached from their body is both simple yet brilliant! I am not going to tell how it works because I do not want to ruin the surprise. I can tell you about one eBay comment from a lady in Australia, she said ‘The Great Halls of Learning is the best ever meditation that I have had from the UK”