Start of the Day Introduction

In this Start of the Day meditation I say a prayer to the Great Spirit on your behalf before connecting you with your Higherself and Spirit Guides so that you may ask for help with the day ahead. You are given time to reflect on the forthcoming day and have the opportunity to send healing to your family and friends.

You will then seal yourself in a golden energy that you will protect you and bring peace to your mind body and spirit throughout the day.

Start Of The Day Meditation

To get the most enjoyment and benefit from this meditation make sure that you will not be disturbed for the next 9 minutes. Get yourself a glass of water as this helps to ground you after the meditation is over, and if you have headphones put them on now. Once you are good and comfy we can begin.

I would like to give thanks to you Robbie for such a beautiful meditation.. and Congratulations on the wonderful website You have made for us all to and light jan x
Jan West

Thank you, the Start of the Day Meditation is a Godsend. I don’t use it every day, but in difficult times it brings Spirit close so that you are aware of help throughout the whole day, a lifesaver. It gives strength to help others too, and is better than any pill you can take. Peace descends and off you go to face the day. xx
Jennie Gill