Healing Angel

I love this meditation, it is so gentle yet so powerful. Each time I listen to it I feel many hands gently working on areas of tension and pain in my body. I feel able to relax and let go of all tension, worries and any emotional ‘baggage’ I have picked up and carried with me during my day. A truly releasing, relaxing and healing meditation.
Clare Griffiths


One of the most powerfull cds that Robbie has done, we embarked on a journey of healing, meeting our guides, as well as enhancing our spiritual awareness.
Robbies sincerity cannot be questioned as he guides you through this meditation in a protected environment, absolutely brilliant
Claire Henderson


Excellent cd. Robbie’s voice is so relaxing as he guides you on a journey of deeper understanding. At a time when I had doubts this cd has helped me to continue with my life journey.

Really powerful, relaxing too. Always feel tingly so know I’m being visited (just never know who by?!)
Many Thanks x
Jo Ripping

Enchanted Castle

I challenge anyone not to be swept away into a magical world with this wonderful cd. The journey to the castle and the time spent within is very gentle. No charging knights in armour here – just quiet reflection, searching, finding and learning. It IS relaxing but with it’s wonderful short prayers (for protection etc) at start and finish, and the way it leaves one alone to ‘find things out etc.’ now and then without any talking, makes it a truly delightful and valuable tool for anyone looking towards their more spiritual and magical side. The meditation is followed by quite a lengthy segment of music. The music throughout is absolutely superb. Can’t rate it highly enough.

It’s Magic
Rose Nash-Smith, Teaching Medium

Shamanic Journey

This meditation provided me with a most amazing experience and each time I listen to it I learn more and more from my animal guides and ancestors. I find it extremely easy to relax into a deep meditative state within minutes of starting the cd. I really feel as if I am in a cave sat by a fire with the ancestors all around me, offering wise advice. The animal guides draw in close and offer their medicine and wisdom whenever I connect to them through this cd. Because my experiences are so profound and powerful when using this cd, I reserve it not as a daily listen to before bed cd, but for when I need real answers to big situations in my life. Robbie has provided me with an incredibly powerful tool with which to communicate with my guides and ancestors. Thank you!

Faerie Light

Fairy Lights is a must. Not only does this connect you to the fairy realms but most importantly it is a chance for you to heal mother earth, as well as receive blessings for yourself. I have never come across a meditation like Fairy Lights that genuinely gives the healing and love back to mother earth – well done Robbie – well done!
Tracey Hougham

This is a truly wonderful cd. I love being able to join the fairies and go on a magical journey. It’s quite an ‘epic’ adventure too! .. fairies waking up in chakra flowers, one’s metamorphosis into something very beautiful that can fly, a magical journey into the depths of the fairy kingdom (down into a tree through a magic door) where one helps not only oneself but also the fairy kingdom AND the planet! The ‘heartbeat’ sound in the section about the planet is profound and beautifully done. It has a strong deep strength to it. And the fairy dust given to one by the Fairy Queen. You have to buy this lovely cd to experience not only the sheer escapism of this magical adventure but also the deep healing beauty and value of it’s words, story, (superb) music and sound effects. Robbie’s voice – as always – directs with depth, love and sincerity.


I have just listened to this CD for the third time and it’s true – it does get more powerful every time I listen to it. Suddenly (and without any conscious effort on my part) my jaw suddenly relaxed – which may not sound much to some people but for me is frankly miraculous as it is usually rigid with tension. I felt – and can continue to feel – a gentle healing energy dissolving away my stress and the tension it causes. The music, the voice and imagery are just perfect for me and this CD is bound to become a firm favourite for me. I’ve just ordered a bunch more from your site.
Maria McCudden

The Great Halls of Learning

Robbie, I just wanted to let you know how helpful and wonderful I found the Great Halls of Learning meditation to be. As a hypnotherapist looking for a domain name for my website, I was having complete “writer’s block” on coming up with something original, that suit my profession. Then it hit me – why not put the Great Halls of Learning meditation to the test! It didn’t take much, I was drawn in IMMEDIATELY by your beautiful words and how easy it was for me to visualize what you were saying. The answer came to me within minutes after I felt it would – had it not been for that meditation I would still be searching. For anyone who has a burning question or something on their mind they need an answer for – this is IT!!!! Thank you again, you continue to fascinate!!
All the very best,
Anne Marie

Angel Warrior

Dear Robbie,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your guiding spirits for the wonderful Angel warrior CD. As someone who has been seeking divine guidance in a world that seems to want to destroy healing lights I think I have finally found my protection. Blessings and light from my heart to yours,

It is more than good it is excellent, this meditation is very powerful, and i would recommend this to anyone, who feels they want to get rid of ties from anyone who is not wanted in your life. keep the good work up Robbie
strong>Claire Henderson

I love the idea of becoming an angel myself and doing something for my friends. angelic armour feels great and so do angelic wings!
Ulrike, Dusseldorf

Another amazing meditation. I had a big issue with a person and after doing the Angel Warrior med, the issue disappeared and a feeling of peace came over me.
L&L Jenny Angell

Hi Robbie, I bought your Angel Warrior CD yesterday on a lovely day out in Derbyshire. Having listened to it, I must say its one of the best CD’s I have bought.
Jocelynne Sharp

As an angel healer/practitioner myself, I can advise you that the Angel warrior is a must for anybody that needs cleansing, releasing, and protection in a gentle way. Every lightworker, should be using this cd to cleanse and clear themselves on a regular basis, it is also very good for healing any disharmony. Archangel Michael, is definitely channeling this through Robbie!
Tracey Hougham

Psychic Development

Hi, I have been listening to your psychic development meditation cd for just a few days now and would like to say that its the best psychic development cd I have ever listened to. You have such a wonderful voice and I am able to loose myself in the meditation.
love and light

I advise anyone who wants to enhance their Psychic Development to try Robbies cd. You will feel totally safe and protected during this meditation. I was a little ‘nervous’ to say the least but after a couple of times doing the meditation I now thoroughly enjoy every new experience. I recommend that you listen to the introduction first. It is easy to understand and guides you into the meditation. Robbie seems to answer any questions that are going through your mind before you begin, putting you totally at ease.
Thankyou Robbie!
Michelle Train

The Starship Meditation

Thankyou Robbie, I felt lost and alone and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. Your guided meditations have helped me heal in wonderful ways that I did not think possible and my most recent purchase Starship from Kyro in Leeds was so beautiful I shed many healing tears. I was left with an inner knowing that I am doing just fine so thankyou for giving me the gift of peace. Sending love, light and blessings to you.
Elizabeth Carrie

This cd was sent as a gift with another order and it is one that I would never have chosen for myself. It took a couple of weeks before I was drawn to use it, but it was at exactly the correct time when I did listen to it. I had felt completely out of alignment and unable to connect during the preceeding week as I usually did, but as the meditation progressed I felt myself relaxing, balancing and very much enjoying the experience, but I have to say the kick that I needed came right at the end with the two blue crystals! Wow, what a mighty armament in the weaponry, my hands felt as if they were burning and afterwards I actually got a good night’s sleep, alignment returned and I could work properly again. For me it was a sort of emergency treatment that was very much needed, very effective, and all I can say to Spirit and Robbie is “thank you” again!
Jennie Gill

This is a fantastic meditation cd…
I love the metaphor of Robbie has used to between the star trek prime directive and the work of our spirit guides!
For many of us being brought up in similar situations to which Robbie describes within the preface recording, of being born feeling different, have some sort of sense of you came from somewhere else, that these family members no matter how hard you try to get on with them, have different values and opinions to yourself! The only way I learnt to accept it, was by accepting that I was placed with these people, to assist me in developing my spiritual self and learning to accept differences on all levels, even the dysfunctional ones and hopefully for them to accept difference as well.
As a child I got into trouble with my father by being caught out, after telling people the people I live with are not my family, only my sister was related to me! I went and lived in Germany for 6 yrs, and when I returned, my sister said to me one afternoon, do you remember when you were little, you used to say, I don’t come from here, I come from Germany and live near the Rhine and not far from the Neckar? How strange that you ended up living there, by the Rhine and only 15 minutes by car to the Neckar. I had not remembered this at all, until she mentioned it, and it came flooding back, it was as if I had known where my life path would take me.
I had a serious accident when I was 5 yrs old, and I remember waking up in the hospital, I felt myself float down into my body, and looking around the room, and then eventually I started to hear the people in the ward. From that day I knew I was different, my parents also. My father and mother collected me from the hospital two years later, and when we got home he carried me into the house and dropped me into a chair in the living room and said, when my Mum was out of listening distance, you are not my son, and you’re just something they gave me to take home! My mother also, was scared of me; she told me I had a bad spirit trapped inside me, and made me go in the bathroom, and stare at the mirror and tell it to leave my body.
So if like me, you have ever felt different? Ever been sensitive to spirit around you? Felt disjointed from your family or the place where you live? Then maybe this meditation is one to help you relate to the millions of others like us, who are out there trying to figure out their differences!
One to beam up Captain!
Reikibaer :o)
David Masters

Angels That Bring Love

I am from Germany and Robbie’s meditations have been with me for quite a while now. Robbie’s voice is very soothing and although English is not my native language, I am able to understand it without any dificulty. This is, next to the Angel Warrior, a very much loved cd. It gave me great comfort to listen to this meditation when i would tell the angels all my worries and concerns in a safe environment.
Ulrike, Dusseldorf

I first discoverd Robbie Wrights cds when i bought one over the internet because i thought it sounded interesting, It was just a shot in the dark, i stumbled across it..
Its hard to put down in words just how much these cd’s have helped me, my father recenty died and i had been feeling lost and alone, after listening to the Angels that Bring Love CD i suddenly rememberd all the wonderful memories and times that my father and i had shared together, This CD is truly are brilliant and without it all those memories of my childhood would have stayed long forgotten, and i would have lived all my adult life out thinking my dad never cared about me, or ever gave me the time of day…..how could i have forgotten so many happy times…..
thankyou robbie…..
Lynn Noblett


Brilliant Guided Meditation!
As you pass through a rainbow gateway and get transported into another time, an enchanted place, a higher reality.. I would highly recommend this cd!
Bright Blessings, Dave :O)

Child Light Ways

This cd is awsome from lauren-chantelle cant wait to have the others highlyrecomend for any 13 year old my daughter was very troubled through bullying since we have found robbie we are looking forward highley recomend to try robbie thank you so very much
Rose, laurens mum

Healing Circle

I fell in love with the gentle and soothing sound of your voice and music from the first time I listened to your cd. I run a healing circle for Women so thought I would share this experience with others. The rest is history as any attempt to play a guided meditation that is not Robbie Wright is met with much resistance and unfortunately for the other artists also much comparison and criticism. The lovely comments that are made at my circles are usually centred around the relaxing tones and how much pure and healing energy comes through and is actually recieved by the listener. So thank you Robbie and keep up your brilliant work it is so badly needed in these sometimes uncertain and chaotic times that we live in.
Tina Clogstoun


I have a few of Robbie’s meditation CD’s which I have used in the past. I bought Freedom about two and a half years ago when we were losing our 34yr old daughter in law to cancer.
Little did I know then that I would be using this meditation so soon after for myself. I was given 6 months to live in January as I too have cancer (pancreatic now spread to liver)….I am still waiting for the Angels to take me on my final journey however I take every opportunity to spread the Angels love and let people know I am not afraid to die. I am a 60yr old wife and mum of three and grandmother of 6. We are all very close and have the same beliefs. I find that the meditation and Reiki I receive are helping me along my journey and to Robbie and Neil H. I am very grateful. I have always used Neil H. music when I was a holistic therapist. Robbie has the most comforting voice and I have asked for this meditation for my final hours even if I am unresponsive. I cannot thank the Angels enough for putting Robbie and Neil H. in my life to guide and help me. Amazing CD’s please keep up the fantastic work….Love, Light and Angel Blessings…..Joyce
Joyce Morgan